What I Don’t Understand

There are so many things I don’t understand about being a Christian. Do not get me wrong, I am very religious, but I’m also part of the LGBT+ community. It gets confusing with all of the stereotypes around how gay is being a sin.

Why do we have to have this stereotype?

Right, it’s because a good majority of us believe it to be true.

My parents have always told me they loved me. It’s something they are supposed to do, as it is in the parental job description. The problem is I’m afraid to come out to them because I fear they won’t like me anymore. I know they will love me, but they won’t like me.

There is a difference between loving someone and liking someone. Liking someone is a feeling of wanting to be by someone, while loving someone is a personal attachment to someone.

My parents, they’re my parents. It’s our special attachment. We loved each other, and we always will. The moment they stop liking me for being myself is when they will begin to distance themselves away. I won’t have a mom or a dad anymore is I come clean about my life.

There was one time I did try to come out to my mom. I was in the seventh grade, and  had a crush on my bets friend at the time, Tiff. I tried to tell my mom I had feelings for her, and she said, “It’s okay if you do, just remember the bible says…”

Yes, I always need spiritual guidance, but I wanted you to tell me something else. Instead of helping me through my insecurity of liking my best friend, you put me down for what I could not control.

I just don’t understand it. Why do Christians have to be so against gay people? It’s not like they are perfect either. If anything, they’re sinning more by not loving everyone and spitting lies. God showed us love, so do they same for us. Don’t say we’re sinners, that won’t help us come to God. If anything, it will drive us further away.

As a Christian woman, I want to feel accepted in my church. I want to find a place where I can worship God with the rest of you, but your selfish ways won’t let me. I want God, and you say I need God. I know I do, and so do you. Don’t act like you’re any better because you sin differently than me. We need God, so let me into your house of worship.

I hate how it is said that being gay is a sin. There are ways to look at it from all different points of view. My own pastor is currently teaching people about how being gay can be looked at as a sin, but also as not being a sin.

God loves me just like he loves you. Don’t tell me it’s not true. If you say “God hates…”, you obviously don’t know God.


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