Stressed Out

Stress is one of the worst things to come by. I am only a student, and I’m constantly stressed. It’s becoming even worse than it was last year.

This year, I am stress peeing.

I have caused for myself to become so stressed, that I am now constantly peeing.

I have my school plays, my community service for school, my job, my madrigal troupe, the possibility of being gluten free, and now my grades to weigh me down and make me stressed, and now I am stressed about peeing so much.

I have gone to a doctor to get it checked out, and I have nothing wrong. I have been checked for diabetes, and I thankfully don’t have that either. I have nothing wrong with my body, so I guess there is just something going on mentally, and it is pissing me off.

I have no way for me to get over this right now, but my dad has gone through it, my mom has, and I’m sure that even my brother has. I just want for it to be over and done with.

I refuse to accept the possibility of always having this happen to me, for I will not live my life needing to pee every half an hour to an hour. It’s just plain madness.


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