Boyfriend Problems

I have been dating this guy for the past month now, maybe more. I’ve lost count. And this is the problem. I am supposed to be the “woman” of the relationship, and all I can remember is that we got together after homecoming. I can’t remember the day, and all of my female friends who have boyfriends can.

I’m not the typical woman in a relationship. That has to do with the fact I am Bigender, but I’m also not the biggest fan when it comes to romance. I can’t help it, though. I mean, I write romance novels because I get romance, but I don’t like it that much.

Romance, to me, is when people get all “fluffy” and cheesy and such, and I can’t picture myself receiving such treatment. I mean, I am considered the “man” in my relationship, because I have a very dominant personality.

What sucks the most about my relationship, though, is that he is a total romantic. While most girls would love it, I feel it suffocating me. I want to choke him sometimes when he gets romantic with me, and that proves I’m not cut out for romance.

The other day, we were cleaning up our set for my school’s fall play, and I stole a pair of wings from one of the cast members. It was okay in the end, though, since he said I could keep them if they were going to throw them away.

There I was, strutting backstage like a dive while wearing the wings, and my boyfriend came up to me, wrapped his arms around my back, and whispered in my ear “you don’t need those wings because you’re already an angel,” and I almost slapped him. Instead, I just shoved him off of me and walked away.

See, that’s a problem. Instead, I wanted for him to say something along the lines of “you ain’t no saint” or scoff at me or something. I love it when a guy makes fun of me, to an extent. I like roasting people, and I like it when they do it back. It’s fun that way.

Just knowing I would rather have someone make fun of me rather than compliment me proves how I’m not meant to be in a relationship, or at least not in the one I’m in.

Not to mention I am clueless when it comes to lingo. He would always text me 030, and while I know know it’s a kissy face, I thought he was texting me a raspberry face. I’m clueless.

Despite all the issues I have, I still like him. I enjoy being in a relationship with him, but I’m just sucking at it so bad that I can’t help but rant and get annoyed. Hopefully I’ll be able to fix that in the future.


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