Boyfriend Problems

I have been dating this guy for the past month now, maybe more. I’ve lost count. And this is the problem. I am supposed to be the “woman” of the relationship, and all I can remember is that we got together after homecoming. I can’t remember the day, and all of my female friends who … More Boyfriend Problems

Stressed Out

Stress is one of the worst things to come by. I am only a student, and I’m constantly stressed. It’s becoming even worse than it was last year. This year, I am stress peeing. I have caused for myself to become so stressed, that I am now constantly peeing. I have my school plays, my … More Stressed Out

Coming Out

There is no greater fear than coming out to your family that you are gay. Luckily for me, it was only half as scary because I am bisexual. When you’re bisexual, you’re still viewed as the same in society, but you just also like the other gender. It’s hard to be in a society where … More Coming Out


“When someone you love becomes a memory, their memory becomes a treasure.” I don’t remember where I’ve heard that quote from, but it is one that has been on my mind for awhile now. My grandfather is my treasure. I can still remember the day he died. It was August 1, 2009. I moved to … More Treasures

Sex Education

Before you get the wrong message, I am not here to talk about sex-ed. No, you can ask a doctor or a friend about that. I have to take a health class this semester, and we have just started the sex-ed unit. I don’t know what more they can teach me. I read enough fanfaction … More Sex Education


Ambivert sounds like the name of a mystical creature. It can’t just be me who thinks it sounds made up. Ambiverts are a mixture of an introvert and an extrovert. We are mainly closed off, but we know how to be open. This explains me well because I do like to be out in the … More Ambivert